PowerAthlete Adult


Our PowerAthlete Sweat training program is a combination of 30% strength training and 70% cardiovascular fitness, core stability, injury prevention/REHABILITATION and flexibility.

We encourage participants to utilize out MyZone heart rate monitor system that is projected onto monitors around the gym space to help the client achieve their goal intensities. with This program expect high heart rates and shaky legs!

Our PowerAthlete strength training program is 70% Big Bar strength training and 30% interval cardio training. This program is for our clients that are looking to move some heavy iron in a safe and productive manner.


Sweat/Strength Pricing

Drop-in Session $20

Military/Fire/Police Unlimited Package $149

Full-time college students UNLIMITED Package $125

1 session/week Package $79

2 sessions/week package $139

3 sessions/week $165

Unlimited sessions $189