Injury Prevention Is Part Of All Programs 

All programs at PowerAthlete (Adult and Athlete) include injury prevention training for shoulders, knees and lower back/core

Estimates indicate that there are 200,000 ACL injuries alone in the United States each year. Estimated cost for treatment exceeds a billion dollars annually

Female athletes are exposed to higher stresses at the knee joint due to the structure of their hips and knees in relation to male athletes. As a result, female athletes must make more effort to ensure that they can move in mechanically efficient ways. They also require an emphasis on developing their posterior chain (low back, glutes, and hamstrings) to help with stabilization of their knees.

Studies show the techniques to slow down, stop and land, when taught and practiced are as high as 80%-90% effective in reducing the chance of injuries. Across genders, injury prevention and increased performance are built on proper deceleration and landing techniques.