Variety is the key to achieving wellness goals

No matter if you are a longtime fitness enthusiast, or a beginner who is striving to improve your overall wellness, you will eventually “plateau” in your fitness regimen if you confine yourself the same workout routine.  Simple changes, such as trying new exercises or swapping cardio for high intensity interval training (HIIT), can make all the difference. Power Athlete’s training is geared towards variety to enhance strength, conditioning, flexibility and agility.

The human body has an amazing ability to adapt to new stimuli. For instance, when you’re just starting to work out, you can see your body changing from one week to the next. As time goes by, your progress stops. You’re no longer losing fat and your muscles refuse to grow.


Research confirms that exercise is an adaptive process. Over time, your muscles adapt to the stresses placed on them. Whether you’re running, swimming or lifting weights, you’ll hit a plateau sooner or later. The only way to prevent this issue is to diversify your routine. This can be done by:

·        Changing workout variables (intensity, duration, number of reps and sets, rest periods, range of motion, etc.)

·        Changing body positioning (hand spacing, stance, foot placement, etc.)

·        Increasing the load

·        Trying new exercises and activities

Workout variety can speed up your progress and bring you closer to reaching your fitness goals. In the long run, it may lead to:

·        Faster weight loss

·        Improved body composition

·        Improved fitness level

·        Increased motivation

·        Reduced injury risk

·        Greater flexibility and range of motion

·        Increased speed and agility

·        Improved reaction time

·        Stronger bones and joints

On top of that, trying new workouts are fun No matter how much you love running or lifting weights, you’ll get bored at some point. Sure, you’ll still hit the gym and do your workouts, but it won’t be the same. Unless you try something new, you’re at risk of losing motivation.

Power Athlete has the camaraderie of a fitness community, guidance from skilled trainers and the variety that minimizes the change that you will plateau.