Pre Game and Post Game Nutrition

Pre-Game: – Pre-Game Meal: • 4-6 hours before game • High Complex/Low GI** foods (whole wheat bread or pasta, sweet potatoes, oatmeal); low protein and fat • Hydrate well: fruit juices, sports drinks (gatorade/powerade), water

 – 2-3 Hours before game • Moderately-sized snack: more low GI foods; low protein and fat • Continue to hydrate • No caffeine*

 – 1 Hour before game • Small snack: easily digestible foods (fruit, pretzels), sports bars and sports drinks (like Gatorade or Powerade – NO “Energy Drinks” (Red Bull, etc.) • Continue to hydrate • No caffeine*

– 30 minutes before game • “Top off the tank” • High-GI** carbs that will absorb quickly and deliver glucose rapidly to working muscles • Sports drink, sports gels • No caffeine*

*Caffeine has major dehydrating effects, can make you jumpy, and raises your heart rate and blood pressure – all things you should avoid on game day!

Post-Game Recovery – VITAL PERIOD

– First 30-60 minutes after competition • Replace every pound of weight lost through sweating with 20-24 ounces of fluid • Best concentration is 4:1 ratio carb: protein blend drink – better than water

– 60-90 minutes after competition • Continue to hydrate • Recovery snack, shake or bar with 4:1 carb: protein ratio

 – Within 3 hours after competition • Mixed Meal – combination of protein, carbs and fat • Continue to hydrate • NO soda, alcohol, caffeine – Bus Ride Home • Athletes should be hydrating constantly • If you are not going to the bathroom at least once every hour you are not drinking enough

• Within 24 hours after competition Strictly Limit: – Alcohol, Soda, Caffeine in any form • Dehydration, lack of sleep, and lack of nutrients are not the keys to recovery