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What Makes Us Different

  • Our training staff has an average of 20 years experience in strength and conditioning and sports medicine.  We have college degrees in exercise physiology and we have sat for, and passed all of the current top tier certifications in the field of fitness.
  • Small Group Size = High level of coaching.  Small session sizes allows our coaching staff to instruct and supervise our athletes very closely.
  • Specialized programming.  Regardless if you are an D1 bound football player, an adult tennis player trying to improve your game, or a post physical therapy ACL patient, your program will be thoroughly periodized, programmed and designed for you. Nothing is random about our training sessions.
  • Not an open gym.  All clients/athletes follow a specifically designed program for their needs.  Our community contains people with specific needs they want to improve, not those looking for “a little more tone”
  • Our Adult weight/HIIT programming uses heart rate monitoring to produce post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) which is the key to extended periods of increased metabolism and fat loss
  • We offer clients a community, not a gym.  We offer a place for motivated, like-minded individuals to train and reach goals together.